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        ,Richmond BC,V7A 4R6
    Contact : Shirleen
    Service: 001-604-7005422

    China:Room 606.No.31.Lane 28
        .DanBa Rd.Shanghai China
    Tel: 021-32580032
    Fax: 021-32580039
    E-mail: jiaming@canadapurenatural

Company Introduce

          Canada Pure Natural Enterprises Ltd. is a professional research and development of Canadian superior agricultural resources of food enterprise. Our continuous innovation and integration to produce products according to the needs of the world market, and strive to achieve the best taste and nutritional value. We have the finest blueberry source, advanced food equipment, award-winning top winemaker and excellent food development personnel, for our products icing on the cake.

         Our blueberry manor is located in Fraser Valley covers an area of about ten acres. The farmland is richly endowed by nature climate, dry summer cool winter. Very suitable for planting blueberry. Since the 90's we will focus on improvement and cultivation of blueberry varieties. After 20 years of accumulated experience in the cultivation of our blueberry varieties,


     has been widely acknowledged. At present, our farm has become one of the largest suppliers of blueberry BC Canada. With the mature, fresh blueberry industry in 2005 to develop dry blueberry wine, fruit wine . It is very popular because of the characteristics of local residents alike. With blueberry manor resources, we will continue to develop all kinds of blueberry raw material characteristics of a series of food as the future direction of development.  

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