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FHC Show Report in 2016
Clicks: 4987          Author:Flora

  •     2016 The International Exhibition for Food, Drink, Hospitality, Foodservice, Bakery & Retail Industries concluded smoothly in Shanghai.  During the three days of this exhibition, dealers and agents from all over the country just flooded in. On the day of the exhibition, Canadian agriculture and agriculture minister Mr. MacAulay also came to the exhibition, visited the Canada pavilion and met exhibitors, it also makes more greatly.  Our blueberry fruit wine series、dried fruit berry series and freeze dried fruit berry series got the favour of many dealers、agents and purchasers.They have tasted and given recognition and affirmation about the nutritional value and effect of our products. We also showed the upcoming gift set series, it attracted more attention of many visitors and expressed cooperation intentions.  Through this exhibition, our products of fruit berry series have got recognition and trust from more and more people, we will be more efforts in the future and push our products to the peak.

       Canadian agriculture and agriculture minister Mr. MacAulay visited our booth of Canada Pure Natural Enterprises Ltd, he also give a high evaluation and recognition of our products.

         We hope that our company will appear more healthy、green and the pure natural food to the vast number of consumers between Canada and China trade gold period in the future. Here, also thanks our customers for trust and support, because of you we can do better.

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