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The Exhibition of “A Taste of Canada & Mid-autumn Shopping Carnival 2016”
Clicks: 5917          Author:Flora
  • On August, 6th-8th, the Exhibition of “A Taste of Canada” held in Ningbo Import Commodities Center HOY hall, ended successfully.  Activities for three days, attracts many customers and traders to taste “fresh” .  The Exhibition is sponsored by Ningbo HOY Import Trade Co., Ltd. With the Canadian Consulate General in Shanghai. Mr. Weldon Epp, Consul General of Canada in Shanghai, not only visited in person and delivered  a address on the day of activities, also invited the Vice chairman of Ningbo Municipal People's Political Consultative Conference、Ningbo Free Trade Zone Party Working Committee Secretary、CMC director Mr. Yu Weinian to coming, thus,the scale of this activities solemnly.  Our company will also present our products of Blueberry Wine Series、Dried Fruit Berries Series and Freeze Dried Berries Series to everyone, through introduction and taste at the scene. Also let more people know us, understanding and trust of our products, and approved us. Everyone enjoy the food, also have healthy and quality life.

        Canadian Consul General and other officials is very recognized our pure natural and healthy green products of Dried Fruit Berries Series from our Canada Pure Natural Group, and will also further support the docking of the two sides in trade and business cooperation.

        The perfect ending of this activity, also indicated that our Canada Pure Natural Group has taken the solid step to China. In the Future, we will also continuous innovation, with the high quality products, warm and sincere service to feedback our love and trust customers.

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