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2016 Shanghai international high-end food and beverage exhibition
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  • 2016 14th -16th June Shanghai international high-end food and beverage exhibition

         Congratulations Shanghai high-end food and Beverage Exhibition ended on June 14-16,2016 .This exhibition mainly shows from different countries, high-end food and beverage products! Our presents from Canada, pure natural, health, green blueberry wine, dried fruit and dried blueberry blueberry crisp ,berry series of products, products by everyone's love and recognition, and get the support and trust of our customers. Through this platform, we can further understand the needs and wishes of many customers, we responded to customer questions, to obtain the customer's trust. Then, we will according to the customer demand for more in-depth China market development and of pure natural a series of products。
           In the exhibition, there are a number of large and medium customers and we further discuss, and have the intention of cooperation!

            Here, thanks to our customers and consumers to visit our booth, We hope our products will be based on the Chinese market as soon as possible and penetrate the consumer。

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