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Natural Glacier Water
  • Product describe:Glacier Water: Natural Glacier Water 500ml/bottle
  •        The source of our natural glacier ice water from Canada is the most pure Vancouver island. When the underground natural ice melting glaciers in nature after more than 1 million years into the bottom of the bottom filtering and the formation of water flow. Because of the nature of the original protection, so there is no industrial pollution, become the original ecological water source area. Other brand water is not with our natural water purity can be compared. Our product is the lowest rate of impurities, containing calcium components (11mg/l) and magnesium (2mg/l) can help build strong bones and the body's immune system to repair. Its pH value between 6.8-7.5, neutral water, the taste is smooth, slightly no sweet, dry and fresh feeling. Therefore, our products not only for the pollutants in people with allergies and beneficial for infant drinking is more assured. In North America, Europe and Japan have made us The winning product footprint, which was recognized by the world. Our partners with China Eastern Airlines, JAL and large North American COSTCO, WAL-MART and other large manufacturers.

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