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Berry Feature
  • Blueberry Feature

      Blueberry is originated in North America, a shrub perennial berry .The Fruit is blue ,so called blueberries.

        English Name: blueberry, meaning blue berry is a small blue berries. Originated in North America, a perennial shrub of small berry fruit. Causal real is blue, it is known as the blueberry.

    Blueberry nutrition
      Blueberry fruit contains rich protein, dietary fiber, fat, vitamins and other nutrients, with prevent brain aging, protect eyesight, strong heart, anticancer, soften blood vessels, enhance the immune functions, extremely high nutritional ingredients. Blueberry fruit in addition to regular sugar, acid and vitamin C, rich in VE, VA, VB, SOD, arbutin, protein, anthocyanins, edible fiber and rich in K, Fe, Zn, Ca and other mineral elements. A lot of blueberry consumption can improve human immunity, improve the quality of the human body.

    Blueberry Special nutritional components

    1.Anthocyanin    Anthocyanin is a very important plant water soluble pigments,it is natural anti-aging nutritional supplements and it is currently found in humans the most effective antioxidant bioactive agent. Anthocyanins to human eyes has good maintenance effect, it can relieve eye fatigue, improve eyesight, promote the regeneration of rhodopsin the cells in the retina, preventing myopia, improve visual acuity. The anthocyanin antioxidant capacity of vitamin E is 50 times, 20 times the vitamin C, has anti-aging effect. The anti free radical, anti-aging, prevent degenerative changes in cells, inhibit platelet aggregation, prevent brain disease, arteriosclerosis and other diseases have a certain the effect, but also strengthen the capillaries, improve blood circulation, reduce the viscosity of platelets to prevent blood clots, enhance cerebral function, enhance children's bone density, prevent constipation.

     2.Total acids and organic acids Organic acid content in blueberry accounted for more than half of the total acid content. Organic acid is citric acid, the other with ursolic acid, quinic acid and malic acid. Need to focus on mentioning is ursolic acid, ursolic acid also known as ursolic acid is a component of many natural products, with a wide range of biological activities, especially in the anti-tumor effect of outstanding.

     3.Phenolic acids Blueberry contains several polyphenols, phenolic acid is one of the important category. Phenolic acids are phenolic substances a, with good nutrition function and antioxidant pharmacological activity. There are more than ten kinds of phenolic acids in blueberry. The content of the highest is chlorogenic acid, also known as caffee tannins. Study found the some forms of cancer,( lung cancer, esophageal cancer) had obvious inhibition ,and the antioxidant is also very strong.

     4.Superoxide dismutase Superoxide dismutase (SOD) is widely exist in organism of an acidic metal enzyme, it is an important biological free radical scavenger, its main role is to specific scavenging superoxide anion radicals produced in biological oxidation, known as "the 21st century health gold". Rich in SOD content in blueberry, although slight differences in the content of SOD in different varieties of blueberry, but generally little difference.

     5.Pectin Pectin is a general term for a kind of polysaccharide polymer, scientific research has found, pectin can effectively remove body undigested chyme and a variety of other intestinal toxic key material, while helping to mediate the postprandial blood glucose and intestinal micro flora balance, but also to a variety of modern "diseases of civilization" to good prevention and the role of adjuvant therapy. Rich in pectin content in blueberry, about 1-3 times of general Apple or banana pectin content.

    6.Pterostilbene The earliest in the red sandalwood plants were found and named. In 2004 scientists for the first time in blueberries and grapes berries fruits isolated pterostilbene. Study found, pterostilbene also has good antioxidant, anticancer, anti-inflammatory and antidiabetic effect. Especially in the anti colon cancer, pterostilbene showed a very gratifying effect.

           Blueberries in addition to the above a variety of nutritional ingredients, but also contain such as cloud bin tannin, sodium benzoate and other substances, for this reason, the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization are identified as one of the five largest health food for human beings.

    Advantages of Canadian imported BC Blueberries

            Blueberries are very delicate fruit, the plant must be careful to ensure the best quality and varieties blueberry cultivation.Selection is successful key to species.It should be based on the local soil and climatic conditions, the variety characteristics and Canada BC, the Fraser Valley region has four distinct seasons, day and night temperature and summer drought, winters are mild and the special geography and climate, the world recognized as the best blueberry origin. Blueberry growing in a pure and healthy environment, and by the Canadian food inspection agency supervision, to confirm the products are in accordance with the rating, packaging and labeling requirements. And Canadian food safety system is listed as one of the world's best, and Ireland in the list tied for first.

       Currently on the market imports of fresh blueberries and blueberry products only Canada and Chile, allowed to enter the Chinese market. Canadian products with excellent world top quality penetrate into the Chinese market. Second, to achieve to reduce intermediate links, improve efficiency, the preferential price is presented to the vast number of consumers.

    Cranberry Feature

      Cranberry is a kind of skin red and berry in dwarf vine growth. From Canada the cranberry is that it does not contain any pesticides and chemical fertilizer to the pure natural berry, "Ruby from America," the reputation.

    Cranberry nutrition
      Cranberry is rich in dietary fiber, procyanidins, health and nutrition constituents of flavonoids and polyphenols, are natural antibiotics!

    The Function and Efficacy of Cranberry

    ☆Cranberry containing proanthocyanidin is natural antioxidants, with the efficacy of natural antibiotics, can make the artery elasticity, to prevent hardening of the arteries, is the anti hero of the hardening of the arteries.
    ☆Cranberry can improve the PH value of the urine, can effectively improve the various types of urinary tract inflammation and other diseases.
    ☆Eating moderate amounts of cranberry every day, can inhibit the gastric Helicobacter pylori, improve gastric ulcer, stomach discomfort and other symptoms.
    ☆Cranberry contains condensed tannins, has the oxidation resistance function, adjusting the proportion of cholesterol, help clear oil accumulation in the vessel wall,it is the body's natural cleaning agent.
    ☆ Cranberry contains biological brass,which is a very powerful substance against free radicals, anti aging, prevent Alzheimer's disease.
    ☆ It contains Vitamin C, can keep the skin smooth and healthy beauty!

    Raspberry Feature

      Raspberry is a species of Rosaceae Rubus species of woody plants, It is red, gold and black three colors fruit.It is sweet and sour taste!

    Raspberry nutrient
      Raspberry is rich in organic acids, sugar and a small amount of vitamin C, and gallic acid (elegiac acid, beta sitosterol (beta di2) and raspberries acid (fupenzic acid. Rubus chingii containing organic acid, sugar and a small amount of vitamin C.

    The Function and Efficacy of Raspberry

    * Raspberries contain antioxidants, which can effectively prevent the damage of free radicals on the brain, improve brain blood and oxygen supply, with the role of brain intelligence!
    *Raspberry contains 17 kinds of amino acids and a variety of active ingredients can increase the excitability of nerve and for prevention and treatment of male erectile dysfunction sexual indifference have significant role!
     *Raspberry contains flavonoids which can improve the blood circulation of the skin, enhance the elasticity of blood vessels, promote skin cell regeneration, anti-aging effect!
    *Raspberry contains a very beneficial to health of the composition of anthocyanins, with free radical scavenging and cancer prevention effect!

    Blackberry Feature

      English name: Blackberry, it is a widely distributed and well-known shrub, belonging to the tree berries rosaceae plants of the genus raspberries, it has been hailed as worldwide-recognized one of the healthiest top ten fruit.

    Blackberry Nutrition
      Blackberry is known as “the fruit of life”, rich in anthocyanin and SOD. Blackberry is also rich in eight kinds of essential amino acids, γ-aminobutyric acid and six kinds of mineral elements. They can improve blood coagulation, slow the aging, enhance immunity,reduce blood fat and so on.

    The Function and Efficacy of Blackberry

    1. Anticancer: Blackberry is rich in antioxidants anthocyanins. Anthocyanins have inhibited the growth of tumor cells.


    2. Enhanced immunity: Vitamin C in the blackberry can play a number of important functions in the body, help to boost the immune system, maintain a healthy heart, lower high blood pressure, at the same time it also can improve the absorption of dietary iron, reduce risk anemia.

    3. Eyes care: Blackberry contains lutein, it can prevent to form eye retina spots, at the same time also can prevent ultraviolet damage to eyes.

    4. Strengthen Bone: Blackberry is excellent food source for trace elements manganese, manganese helps the body to form connective tissue, it is important for strengthening bone.

    5. Heal the wounds and promote healthy cell division: Blackberry is rich in tannins, it can help to tighten skin tissue, contraction of blood vessels, reduce blood loss, in traditional medicine, and blackberry is the medicine of healing all wounds. Blackberry is rich in folic acid that plays an important role in the process of cell division and growth.

    6. Help digestion:  The cellulose content in blackberry is higher than most other fruit. Cellulose is extremely important to gastrointestinal health that helps maintain a healthy weight and lower high cholesterol.

    Company Aim

           •   We will export our estate grown fresh blueberries, frozen blueberries. cranberry, raspberry and other types of berries from Canada to China by our pure natural company later。

           •   At the same time,we research blueberry juice and cranberry juice and more new high-quality products to consumers。

      "Green, safety, health and beauty" is the purpose of our company. We firmly believe that the quality of goods, quality excellence, original exports, stick to integrity, satisfied customers.

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